Glow Wear


We are launching a new International brand and want your designs at its heart.

What we're looking for...

You show us a new and unique design proposal for a range of bags that utilize Proactive Light™. Your proposal should include 3 bags (from the categories listed below). Your 3 bags can be completely different or variations of the same bag. All your designs must share the same style and be targeted to the same demographic.

We will be looking for exceptional concept drawings (one in daylight and another in low light to highlight the Proactive Light™ and its placement). Based on the designs you submit, you may be shortlisted (selected for final consideration). If shortlisted, you will need to provide the design templates/master patterns for a manufacturer to produce the finished product.

The winners will be selected based on their concepts and the accuracy of their patterns. For the right designer, this will be a chance to have direct input into an apparel line that will be launched worldwide. First fill in the competition sign up form below. You will then be contacted with more information about the submission process.

While you are waiting to be contacted, please review the options below to get an idea of what you would like to create.


  • Cyclists
  • Outdoors
  • Ski/Snow
  • Runner
  • Teen Boys
  • Teen Girls
  • Teen Unisex
  • Young Professionals
  • Tech Professionals
  • Club Wear


  • Messenger bag Example
  • Daypack Example
  • Backpack Example
  • Toploader Example
  • Shoulder bag Example
  • laptop/briefcase(soft) Example


Backpack + Toploader + Daypack
Young Professionals:
Messenger bag + Backpack + Soft Briefcase

What's in it for me??

We want to build relationships with our designers; the life blood of this creative work. So we want to make sure you get rewarded for your creativity.

We will award a prize of $500us for each design selected as a winner.

We will have your signature on the label of every bag you design.

You will get to see your creation used by people worldwide; from Tokyo to Toronto

Sounds good! You bet!

Steps: 1) Sign up 2) We will contact you 3) Work on your proposal & submit by August 19th, 2013 4) If selected, submit your final proposal September 16th, 2017

Get started!

Once you submit your details, you will be assigned a rep who will contact you via your email with more information on the specific requirements for the bags. Good Luck!

I have read and understand(agree) the Competition Rules and Terms & Conditions